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The size of availabilities varies from a few thousand man-days to a few hundred thousand man-days, with durations varying from a few weeks to a few years. Allocating and scheduling projects that vary so widely in scope and duration causes “peaks” and “valleys” in the demand for skilled workers, and makes it difficult to keep fairly uniform levels of work in the shipyards. S. 1 provides notional workloads and durations for maintenance availabilities by ship type and maintenance type. The actual work performed during an availability depends on the material condition of the ship, the size of the modernization package, and the funding available to accomplish the work (a significant factor).

It is then adjusted when the execution plan is built. This process helps ensure that the hiring actions reflect what the budget will support. Nevertheless, as the year progresses and the workload requirements or other variables change, NAVSEA 04 can authorize changes to the workforce plan. Unexpected increases in workload that require critical skills are sometimes difficult to accommodate. Having sufficient planning time is therefore critical to ensuring that the right level and mix of skills is available.

BAE owns and operates a private shipyard. There are 26 ships currently homeported in Pearl Harbor. In 2006, PHNSY & IMF executed nearly 700,000 man-days of work and employed more than 4,200 civilians. 2 million man-days. S. 3 Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and IMF SOURCE: Pearl Harbor Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility. 4, provides depot services for Los Angeles–class submarines. The shipyard has unique capabilities and technical expertise required for the repair and maintenance of nuclear submarines, and frequently sends skilled personnel to assist in work performed at other sites.

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