Clipper Ships and the Golden Age of Sail: Races and by Sam Jefferson

By Sam Jefferson

Within the period of business sail, clipper ships have been the final word expression of pace and style. Racing out to the gold fields of the USA and Australia, and breaking pace documents wearing tea again from China, the ships mixed attractiveness with breathtaking performance.
With over 2 hundred lovely work and illustrations, and exciting descriptions of the adventures and races at the water, this pretty booklet brings the period vividly to life.
Chapters include
-The origins of the clippers-from the gold rush to the tea trade
-A hell send voyage with «Bully» Waterman, the most profitable and infamous captains of the era
-Marco Polo, the quickest send within the world-her upward push to prominence and next decline
-Mary Pattens conflict with Cape Horn-a girl captain takes cost in a really male world
-Mutiny aboard the «wild boat of the Atlantic»
-The nice China tea race of 1866-an amazingly shut race internationally, in basic terms determined within the ultimate few miles
-The Sir Lancelot defies the odds-her eccentric captains and competition with the mythical Thermopylae
-The Cutty Sarks longest voyage
First-hand bills, newspaper stories and log entries upload attention-grabbing eyewitness element, when the beautiful photos exhibit how the designs of those thoroughbreds constructed over the years.
A marvelous learn and helpful social gathering of those racehorses of the ocean.

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James Forbes had left Liverpool in 1855 at his peak: newly married, wealthy and in command of the Schomberg, the largest and finest sailing ship ever built in Britain to date. He was commodore of the famous Black Ball Line of passenger ships and one of the most respected captains in the world. A little more than six months later, on the morning of 4 January 1856, all of his fame and achievements had turned to dust. The Schomberg had just been wrecked off the Melbourne coast and even as Forbes sat in one of the town’s better appointed hotels awaiting orders from the owner, his former passengers were holding a meeting with the express intention of destroying the reputation of their famous captain.

A view of San Francisco as it was in the early days of the gold rush. Although the town is still a tiny, ramshackle affair, the harbour is already crowded with ships, many abandoned and left to rot. As tales of the Challenge spread around town, hysteria started to set in, not helped by an article in the California Courier that read: ‘The ship Challenge has arrived and Capt Waterman, her commander has also – but where are nine of her crew? And where is he and his guilty mate? The accounts given of Waterman towards his men, if true, make him one of the most inhumane monsters of this age.

All that this book seeks to do, both through the pictures and text, is to celebrate the skill and tenacity of the men who handled these ships, enjoy the remarkable beauty of the vessels themselves and cherish the rarity of what they symbolise; something we humans have created that is in harmony with nature rather than at odds with it. CHAPTER ONE THE ORIGINS OF CLIPPER SHIPS The philanthropist William Morris once said that there could be no true beauty without purpose. His words seem to encapsulate something that lay at the very heart of the clipper ship era.

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