Child of the Light (Book 1 of The Madagascar Manifesto) by George Guthridge, Janet Berliner, Neil Jackson

By George Guthridge, Janet Berliner, Neil Jackson

This outstanding ebook follows the lives of 3 acquaintances, Solomon Freund, a Jew, Erich Wiesser, his Catholic neighbor and “brother in blood”, and Miriam Rathenau, whom either boys love, and who occurs to be niece of Germany’s international minister Walther Rathenau. From their formative years supporting at their mom and dad’ co-owned tobacco store, the lads locate their courting strained, as used to be all of Germany, by means of the expansion of the nationwide Socialist get together and the descent of Germany right into a Nazi hell.

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He could have mimicked a woman, like now, Sol thought. The sound could easily have been distorted by the sewer's weird acoustics. Since Erich hated talking about his seizures, Sol decided to keep his latest theory about the voice to himself--at least for now. "You didn't go down by yourself," he said. " Erich looked at him and relented. "No. I didn't go down. But we're going down there tonight. " Sol got up and walked over to his window. Two workmen were erecting an awning above the entrance into what had been the furrier's basement and was now about to become a cabaret.

Laughing, the boys tugged in opposite directions and the collar dropped to the floor. Sol picked it up, examined it briefly, and stuffed it into his pocket. " Recha wailed outside the door. " Patting his pocket, Sol opened the door to a tearful Recha. "You always leave me out. " Sol crouched and gave his sister a hug. She was okay--for a girl, Erich thought. " he asked. Recha handed her brother a book bound in soft black leather. "Beadle Cohen went away. " Sol took the book and read the title out loud.

He asked from the back of the shop. Since the table was occupied, he and Erich were playing chess on the linoleum floor. "What does it matter how," Friedrich Weisser said. "Dead is dead! " "Ella, more and more I think you and the children should go to your sister. " Jacob Freund sounded agitated. " Ella Freund pointedly ignored her husband and gestured at the newspaper. " She leaned closer to the paper. "Miriam Rathenau, granddaughter of industrialist Emil Rathenau, is being sent to the United States to study the new modern forms of dance that have become so popular over there," she read aloud.

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