Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Pyridine and Its by R. A. Abramovitch

By R. A. Abramovitch

Content material:
Chapter XIII Pyridine Alcohols (pages 1–114): Ellis V. Brown
Chapter XIV Pyridine Aldehydes and Ketones (pages 115–187): Renat H. Mizzoni
Chapter XV Sulfur and Selenium Compounds of Pyridine (pages 189–443): Harry L. Yale
Chapter XVI Pyridines and decreased Pyridines of Pharmacological curiosity (pages 445–524): R. T. Coutts and A. F. Casy

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Extra info for Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Pyridine and Its Derivatives, Supplement, Part Four, Volume 14

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P. P. P. P. P. P. P. p. p. p. p. p. 143-145" 71 71 71 71 71 Ref. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. 130-131" Physical properties (derivatives) 2-PyPhCHCOHCH3(2€H3SC,H,) 2PyPhCHCOHCH3 (4-tolyl) Compound TABLE XIII-9. 4-(MeO),C,H,CHZ]CH, OH 2-PyCH(CH2Ph)CH,OH Compound ~ TABLE XIII-9. p. p. p. p. p. 152-153"; . p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. 5260 Ref. Physical properties (derivatives) v) rD .. p. p. p. p. P. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. P. P. p. p. p. p. 126"/3 mm; pK, ~ 3-PyCH2CH, CH, OH ~ Ref. ~ Physical properties (derivatives) ~~ Compound ~ TABLE XIII-10.

85-87"; luxide. p. p. p. p. p. 69-71";acctate. p. 160-165'/4 mm;acctate. p. p. 5 rnm;acclale. p. 1 rnrn H H TABLE XIII-1. p. p. v. Mp. p. V. p. 216';ir. Mp. p. r. P. p. 3' 119 115 Mp. 5'. p. 1. p. 209-210' ( d a m p . p. p. J m m 98,107 Mp. ;HCI. p. 40 Mp. p. v. p. v. H CH,I. p. 195-196" 39,40 Mp. p. V. p. 40 Mp. 1or;u,v. p. 8546'; b p . v. p. p. v. p. p. v. H - f 1 N 2 N W W N - 2 a - m i a f 27 00 N Ph 4€IC, H, 2CIC6 H, 4CIC, H, 4-Tolyl 3,4€1,C, H, 2,4CI,C6H, PI1 H 2-Thiazoyl Ph Ph 4ClC, H, 2,4CI,C, H, 3,4C1,C6 H, pToly1 3,4€1, C, H, 2,4CI,C,H3 4 c K , H, Ph 4CH, S-Phenyl Cyclobutyl H H R' 3-PyC(OH)RR' H n 3-PY 645-Nitrofury1)vinyl-3-pyridyl 3Py 3Py 3-Py 3-Py 3-Py 3-Py 3-Py 3-Py 3-Py 3-Py 34Y R PY TABLE X111-2.

P. P. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. 18 mm;n? p. 36"; Phenylurethane, map. p. p. p. 235" truns. p. p. p. p. p. 96" (EtOHj; (-)-nip. p. p. p. p. p. p. 175-176" 2-PyPhCHCOH(2-thienyl)CW(CH ), 2PyPhCHCOH(CH3 )CH(CH, 2-PyPhCHCOH(CH3)CH,Ph 2PyPhCHCOH(CH, )CH, CH, (3-indoyl) 2-PyCH, - 1cyclohexanol-2CH2OCH, Ref. Physical properties (derivatives) Compound TABLE XlII-12. P. P. P. p. r. p. p. p. p. p. 09 rnm;TNBS". p. p. p. p. p. p. 115-125"/9 mm; fl;? P. p. p. P. P. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. P. p. p. P. P. p. p. - 2-PyCHPhCOHCZH, (4C1C6 H,) "Trinitrobenzenesul fonate.

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