Charles Wilkes and the Exploration of Inland Washington by Richard W. Blumenthal

By Richard W. Blumenthal

A follow-up to 2004's The Early Exploration of Inland Washington Waters: Journals and Logs from Six Expeditions, 1786-1792 and 2007's With Vancouver in Inland Washington Waters: Journals of 12 Crewmen, April-June 1792, this booklet deals one other major addition to maritime heritage within the Pacific Northwest. It follows naval officer and explorer Charles Wilkes, an skilled nautical surveyor who led the Wilkes excursion in the course of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Puget Sound, the Columbia River, and different inland Washington waters in 1841. This ebook comprises the journals of Charles Wilkes and ten of his crewmen, together with Augustus L. Case, George Colvocoresses, George T. Sinclair, and different esteemed naval officials. particular awareness is given to the numerous position names that Wilkes originated. The e-book additionally contains eighteen of the Wilkes Expedition's charts, the standard of which displays the crew's cautious consciousness to accuracy. ultimately, it contains a entire muster record of the officials and crewmen connected to the Wilkes day trip, that includes identify, identify, and, mostly, a short synopsis of the man's job in the excursion.

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Wilkes spelled it Ketron in Volume 23. 32 Charles Wilkes and the Exploration of Inland Washington Waters and also from any sea, while Nisqually is not: this place is equally well supplied with water, and the hill is by no means so precipitous. The spring tides were found to be eighteen feet, those of the neaps twelve feet. M. During the whole of our stay there was found to be a great discrepancy between the day and night tides, the latter not rising as high as the former by two feet. The country in this vicinity is thought to be remarkably healthy, and on all these salt-water inlets, the winter is represented to be mild, and but of short duration.

The brig moved, on the 18th of June, to the northern outlet of Possession Sound, through Deception Passage. This was not believed by Vancouver to afford a passage for vessels; but, although narrow, it is feasible for those of small size. The tides rush with velocity through it, and there are some rocks in the passage. The Indians had moved from their village to temporary huts on the beach, where they seemed to enjoy themselves. Lieutenant-Commandant Ringgold, being informed by the Indians 1. Wilkes’ Narrative 39 that a passage31 existed to the north into Bellingham Bay, boats were sent to explore it.

Mr. Anderson’s kindness had obviated many of these obstacles; but it was impossible to proceed without the aid of the Indians, who were always prone to recede from their bargains, under a feeling that they had not received enough. After the bargain was completed, and the price agreed upon, under the form of “potlatch,” or “gift,” the equivalent was always to be again treated for, and thus the price of the article or service was often very much enhanced. In dealing with these Indians, it was always necessary to feign a great indifference of manner, in order to obtain the article, and also in closing the bargain after the preliminaries are settled.

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