• Endocrinology Metabolism
  • Ciba Foundation Symposium 48 - Purine and Pyrimidine

    Chapter 1 Chairman's establishing feedback (pages 1–2): R. W. E. Watts
    Chapter 2 Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism: Pathways, Pitfalls and Perturbations (pages 3–21): J. Frank Henderson, Jeffrey ok. Lowe and Jerzy Barankiewicz
    Chapter three Microbial types and Regulatory parts within the keep an eye on of Purine Metabolism (pages 23–41): Josepha S. Gots, Charles E. Benson, Bjarne Jochimsen and okay. R. Koduri
    Chapter four Molecular Nature of Enzyme law in Purine Biosynthesis (pages 43–64): James B. Wyngaarden and Edward W. Holmes
    Chapter five Genetic Heterogeneity on the Locus for Hypoxanthine?Guanine Phosphoribosyltransferase (pages 65–81): William L. Nyhan
    Chapter 6 elements within the Pathogenesis of the mind harm and Anaemia within the Lesch?Nyhan Syndrome (pages 83–96): R.O. Mckeran
    Chapter 7 Hypoxanthine?Guanine Phosphoribosyltransferase task in person Erythrocytes: Autoradiographic experiences in Heter Ozygotes (pages 97–104): B. T. Emmerson, R. B. Gordon and L. A. Johnson
    Chapter eight Purine Biosynthesis in Mutant Mammalian Cells (pages 105–126): Gabrielle H. Reem
    Chapter nine Purine and Pyrimidine Nucleotides in a few Mutant Human Lymphoblasts (pages 127–142): G. Nuki, ok. Astrini, D. Brenton, M. Cruikshank, J. Lever and J. E. Seegmiller
    Chapter 10 Superactivity of Phosphoribosylpyrophosphate Synthetase, because of suggestions Resistance, inflicting Purine Overproduction and Gout (pages 143–164): Oded Sperling, Pnina Boer, Sara Brosh, Esther Zoref and Andre de Vries
    Chapter eleven nutritional suggestions legislation of Purine and Pyrimidine Biosynthesis in guy (pages 165–178): N. Zollner and W. Grobner
    Chapter 12 Implications of issues of Purine Metabolism for the Kidney and the Urinary Tract (pages 179–206): Andre de Vries and Oded Sperling
    Chapter thirteen The function of de novo Purine Synthesis in Lymphocyte Transformation (pages 207–224): A. C. Allison, T. Hovi, R. W. E. Watts and A. D. B. Webster
    Chapter 14 Purine Metabolism and keep an eye on of mobile Proliferation (pages 225–248): Tapani Hovi, Tapani Hovi, Anthony C. Allison, Kari O. Raivio and Antti Vaheri
    Chapter 15 The impact of Adenosine on Lymphoid mobile Proliferation and Antibody Formation (pages 249–276): J. Edwin Seegmiller, T. Watanabe and Max H. Schreier
    Chapter sixteen Characterization of Human Adenosine Deaminase (pages 277–293): William N. Kelley, Peter E. Daddona and Martin B. van der Weyden
    Chapter 17 The Purinergic Nerve speculation (pages 295–314): Geoffrey Burnstock
    Chapter 18 Inherited Metabolic illness: customers for the longer term in either easy and medical examine (pages 315–355): R. W. E. Watts

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  • Endocrinology Metabolism
  • Netter Collection, Medizinischer Atlas, Endokrines System by William F. Young Jr., William F Young

    By William F. Young Jr., William F Young

    Kurzbeschreibung Die berühmte Netter number of scientific Illustrations jetzt in Neuauflage! Nutzen Sie diese einzigartige Sammlung anatomischer Zeichungen zum zuverlässigen und effizienten Nachschlagen! In der Netter assortment - Medizinischer Atlas Endokrines method finden Sie alle hormonproduzierenden Gewebe und Organe: - einprägsam in Wort und Bild dargestellt - topaktuell nach heutigem medizinischen regular - inkl. aller modernen bildgebenden Verfahren - online-Zugang: Mit dem Code im Buch haben Sie ab Aktivierung Zugriff auf die Abbildungen. Langbeschreibung Die lang ersehnte Neuauflage der Sammlung medizinischer Zeichnungen von Netter liegt nun endlich als medizinischer Atlas vor! Der hervorragende Zeichner und Mediziner Carlos Machado und andere erstklassige medizinische Illustratoren haben zusammen mit Medizinexperten die klassische Reihe der „grünen Bücher“ von Netter als aktuelles, verlässliches und effektives Nachschlagewerk herausgebracht. Die von Frank H. Netter in jahrzehntelanger Arbeit erstellten Abbildungen aller bedeutenden Organsysteme wurden in einen modernen Kontext gebracht. Fachkundige Übersichten zu Schwerpunktthemen kombinieren Kernkonzepte der Anatomie, Physiologie und anderer Grundlagenwissenschaften mit herkömmlichen klinischen Disziplinen aus Gesundheit, Medizin und Chirurgie. Phantastische neue Abbildungen in lehrreicher „Netter-Tradition“, CT, MRT und andere cutting edge bildgebende Verfahren bereichern diesen medizinischen Atlas. In jedem Band der berühmten Netter selection of clinical Illustrations werden die Unterschiede zwischen gesunden Strukturen und Pathologie sowie pathologische Erscheinungen, die guy in der heutigen, modernen Medizin kaum noch sieht, gezeigt. Alle Bände des Netter-Atlas sind nach dem heutigen medizinischen ordinary aktualisiert. Die Netter assortment hat mehr! Mit dem Code in den Büchern haben Sie ab Aktivierung Zugriff auf die Abbildungen.

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  • Endocrinology Metabolism
  • Functional and dysfunctional sexual behavior : a synthesis by Anders Agmo

    By Anders Agmo

    This publication explores the complete outcomes of the dissociation among sexual behaviors and replica. one of the issues coated is the variation among the stereotyped sexual behaviors in non-human mammals and the stunning number of human sexual behaviors. The position of studying in shaping sexual behaviors is defined, and it truly is proven how specific sexual stories will be on the beginning of universal human sexual dysfunctions. Chapters on sexual incentives and a precis of the endocrine and important fearful keep watch over of sexual behaviors are integrated.

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  • Endocrinology Metabolism
  • The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Porphyria: A Revised by Icon Health Publications

    By Icon Health Publications

    This publication has been created for sufferers who've determined to make schooling and examine an essential component of the therapy procedure. even though it additionally offers info beneficial to medical professionals, caregivers and different healthiness pros, it tells sufferers the place and the way to appear for info overlaying almost all subject matters relating to porphyria (also Acute intermittent porphyria; Congenital erythropoietic porphyria; Congenital Porphyria; Delta-aminolevulinic aciduria; Erythropoietic protoporphyria; Guenther Porphyria), from the necessities to the main complex components of study. The identify of this ebook contains the note reputable. This displays the truth that the sourcebook attracts from public, educational, executive, and peer-reviewed learn. chosen readings from numerous organizations are reproduced to offer you many of the most modern legitimate info on hand to this point on porphyria. Given sufferers' expanding sophistication in utilizing the net, plentiful references to trustworthy Internet-based assets are supplied all through this sourcebook. the place attainable, assistance is supplied on how one can receive free-of-charge, basic examine effects in addition to extra precise info through the net. booklet and digital types of this sourcebook are totally interactive with all the websites pointed out (clicking on a link immediately opens your browser to the positioning indicated). Hard-copy clients of this sourcebook can style mentioned internet addresses without delay into their browsers to procure entry to the corresponding websites. as well as huge references obtainable through the net, chapters contain glossaries of technical or unusual phrases.

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  • Endocrinology Metabolism
  • Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology, Fifth Edition by Fima Lifshitz

    By Fima Lifshitz

    This new version of the benchmark textual content on scientific pediatric endocrinology nonetheless continues to be on the leading edge of global scientific opinion. additionally, the fashion, which has been the hallmark of the e-book for the final two decades, has been maintained for this 5th Edition.

    New positive aspects of this 5th variation include:

    • Special new chapters conceal the fetal origins of grownup affliction and the
      endocrine outcomes and administration of severe illness
    • Now opens with a uncomplicated technological know-how part summarizing the mechanisms of hormone motion, genomics, proteomics and the appliance of molecular biology to medical practice
    • Two new co-editors were brought - Peter Clayton and Rosalind Brown
    • Every bankruptcy has been updated

    Chapter 1 ideas of Hormone motion (pages 1–17): Melissa Westwood
    Chapter 2 Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics (pages 18–44): Peter Kopp
    Chapter three Measuring Hormones, Molecular exams, and Their scientific software (pages 45–66): Jan M. Wit and Marcel Karperien
    Chapter four Congenital problems of the Hypothalamic?Pituitary Axis (pages 67–89): Ameeta Mehta and Mehul T. Dattani
    Chapter five basic and Disordered development (pages 90–112): Leena Patel and Peter E. Clayton
    Chapter 6 Genetic Syndromes and Dysmorphology (pages 113–123): Jennifer Batch
    Chapter 7 received Abnormalities of the Hypothalamic?Pituitary Axis resulting in development Impairment (pages 124–152): Dennis J. Brenner and Edward O. Reiter
    Chapter eight improvement of the Reproductive structures (pages 153–170): John C. Achermann
    Chapter nine Ambiguous Genitalia (pages 171–182): Ieuan A. Hughes
    Chapter 10 basic and irregular Puberty (pages 183–210): Mehul T. Dattani and Peter C. Hindmarsh
    Chapter eleven Gynecology (pages 211–217): Sarah M. Creighton
    Chapter 12 The Thyroid and its issues (pages 218–253): Rosalind S. Brown and Stephen Huang
    Chapter thirteen The Parathyroid and issues of Calcium Metabolism (pages 254–279): Jeremy Allgrove
    Chapter 14 problems of Bone Metabolism (pages 280–292): Ingrid A. Holm
    Chapter 15 The Adrenal Cortex and its problems (pages 293–351): Walter L. Miller
    Chapter sixteen Polyglandular Syndromes (pages 352–366): Catherine J. Owen, Tim D. Cheetham and Simon H.S. Pearce
    Chapter 17 problems of Water stability (pages 367–395): Rebecca P. eco-friendly, Joseph A. Majzoub and Louis J. Muglia
    Chapter 18 Endocrine Programming and the Fetal and Early?Life Origins of grownup ailment (pages 396–409): Caroline H.D. Fall
    Chapter 19 Weight law and Monogenic weight problems (pages 410–418): I. Sadaf Farooqi
    Chapter 20 Metabolic results of weight problems and Their administration (pages 419–435): Michael Freemark
    Chapter 21 Diabetes Mellitus (pages 436–473): Andrew W. Norris and Joseph I. Wolfsdorf
    Chapter 22 Hypoglycemia (pages 474–491): Khalid Hussain and Mark J. Dunne
    Chapter 23 Endocrine outcomes of Systemic ailment: serious disorder (pages 492–504): Greet Van Den Berghe
    Chapter 24 results of Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, and Bone Marrow Transplant (pages 505–522): Helena A. Davies
    Chapter 25 exams and general Values in Pediatric Endocrinology (pages 523–564): Lesley J. Tetlow and Peter E. Clayton

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  • Endocrinology Metabolism
  • Clinical Neuroendocrinology by Eric Fliers, Marta Korbonits, J.A. Romijn

    By Eric Fliers, Marta Korbonits, J.A. Romijn

    Clinical Neuroendocrinology, a quantity within the Handbook of medical Neurology Series provides an summary of the present wisdom within the box of scientific neuroendocrinology. It makes a speciality of the pathophysiology, analysis, and therapy of illnesses of the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. It integrates quite a few scientific disciplines, together with scientific endocrinology, pediatrics, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, medical genetics, and radiotherapy. mental effects of assorted problems and cures, in addition to healing controversies, are mentioned. it's the first textbook within the box to handle these kinds of features through a variety of overseas experts.

    • All members are well-known specialists within the diverse fields of scientific neuroendocrinology
    • The publication offers increased assurance on hypothalamic mechanisms in human pathophysiology
    • The ebook comprises present views, analysis and remedy of pituitary diseases

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  • Endocrinology Metabolism
  • New concepts in diabetes and its treatment by F. Belfiore, C.E. Mogensen

    By F. Belfiore, C.E. Mogensen

    Diabetes mellitus and its problems are stipulations of starting to be significance from either the medical and epidemiological perspective. Diabetes has life-threatening problems affecting a number of organs and structures, with elevated probability for ocular, renal, cardiac, cerebral, frightened and peripheral vascular illness. in lots of constructed international locations and in distinct ethnic teams, diabetes motives untimely incapacity and mortality. it truly is, as a result, needed for either the expert and the practitioner to be conversant in the pathophysiological mechanisms, medical manifestations and, notably, treatment of diabetes mellitus. contemporary info displaying that keep watch over of hyperglycemia might hinder the onset or decelerate the development of problems aspect to the significance of acceptable and efficacious therapy. certainly, the purpose of this booklet is to function a device for physicians, giving the most recent diagnostic facets and pathophysiological mechanisms, to let a greater realizing of many of the elements.

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  • Endocrinology Metabolism
  • Intermediary Nitrogen Metabolism by P. Michael Conn, Walter Stumpf, B. J. Miflin, Peter J. Lea

    By P. Michael Conn, Walter Stumpf, B. J. Miflin, Peter J. Lea

    This quantity covers the main major advances of the final ten years in realizing middleman nitrogen metabolism in crops. The 8 chapters include elements of nitrate and nitrogen assimilation, symbiotic nitrogen fixation, glutamine and glutamate enzymology, amino acid biosynthesis, ureides, and polyamine and sulfur metabolism. the amount emphasizes molecular and genetic advances in addition to biochemistry Read more...

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  • Endocrinology Metabolism
  • Mechanisms of insulin action by Alan R. Saltiel, Jeffrey E. Pessin

    By Alan R. Saltiel, Jeffrey E. Pessin

    More than 18 million humans within the usa have diabetes mellitus, and approximately ninety% of those have the kind 2 type of the sickness. additionally, among 17 and forty million humans have insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, or the cluster of abnormalities noted variably because the metabolic syndrome, the dysmetabolic syndrome, syndrome X, or the insulin resistance syndrome. In all of those problems, a critical element of the pathophysiology is insulin resistance, i.e., lowered responsiveness to insulin in tissues resembling muscle, fats and liver. Insulin resistance can also be heavily associated with different universal illnesses, together with weight problems, polycystic ovarian disorder, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis. during this ebook, we are going to try to dissect the complexity of the molecular mechanisms of insulin motion with a different emphasis on these gains of the approach which are topic to alteration in kind 2 diabetes and different insulin resistant states. We discover insulin motion on the most simple degrees, via complicated platforms. The booklet could be attractive to uncomplicated and scientific scientists.

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  • Endocrinology Metabolism
  • Galactosemia - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and by Icon Health Publications

    By Icon Health Publications

    It is a 3-in-1 reference e-book. It provides an entire clinical dictionary overlaying countless numbers of phrases and expressions in relation to galactosemia. It additionally provides large lists of bibliographic citations. eventually, it offers info to clients on how you can replace their wisdom utilizing a variety of net assets. The publication is designed for physicians, scientific scholars getting ready for Board examinations, scientific researchers, and sufferers who are looking to familiarize yourself with study devoted to galactosemia. in case your time is effective, this booklet is for you. First, you won't waste time looking the web whereas lacking loads of appropriate details. moment, the booklet additionally saves you time indexing and defining entries. eventually, you won't waste money and time printing enormous quantities of websites.

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