Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes: Modern Construction by Gary Dierking

By Gary Dierking

Build the quickest, so much unique sailboats round!

Popular in Hawaii and during the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, outrigger canoes mix the romance of the South Seas with a ruthless potency of layout and breathtaking crusing functionality. this can be the first publication to offer whole plans and development directions for 3 outrigger crusing canoes.

Based on conventional Hawaiian and Micronesian varieties, the designs are light-weight, effortless to construct, and screamingly quickly. writer Gary Dierking indicates you the way to construct those boats utilizing stitch-and-glue and strip-planking development, explains what instruments and fabrics are required, the best way to rig and equip the boats, and more.

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The ama is always kept on the windward side and can be flown above the water to reduce drag. The T2 can be sailed with either the classic Oceanic lateen rig or a modification of a rig developed by Euell Gibbons (widely known for his books 17 Copyright © 2008 by International Marine. Click here for terms of use. BUILDING OUTRIGGER SAILING CANOES the steering oar on all points of sail except for a broad reach or run. The asymmetric, deep “V” hull shape requires no foils or leeboard for lateral resistance.

The boom outhaul controlling the clew of the sail is led forward along the boom to an easily reached cleat. Long, narrow-beamed canoes are very sensitive to weight distribution. The location of crew members or cargo weight has an effect on the fore-and-aft sailing balance of the canoe. Concentrating weight aft increases the lateral resistance of the hull in that area and will cause lee helm, or the tendency to turn away from the wind. Weight concentrated forward will have the opposite effect. Using a fixed rudder aft, or on the iako, instead of an oar, will also change the balance.

Photo courtesy Rose Turner) FIGURE 3-16. (BELOW LEFT ) Wa’apa disassembled and stacked for storage. FIGURE 3-17. (BELOW ) Four 5⁄16" (8mm) stainless-steel bolts are used to connect the hull sections together. 42 CHAPTER 4 Sailing Rigs THE OCEANIC LATEEN RIG The sailing rigs shown for the designs in this book are divided between those that tack and those that shunt. Tacking rigs are familiar to almost everyone who has sailed anything from a dinghy on up to a square-rigged ship. The tacking rig is used on a hull that has a true bow and a true stern and that changes direction by passing its bow through the eye of the wind.

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