Bronze Age Eleusis and the Origins of the Eleusinian by Michael B. Cosmopoulos

By Michael B. Cosmopoulos

For multiple thousand years, humans from each nook of the Greco-Roman international sought the wish for a blessed afterlife via initiation into the Mysteries of Demeter and Kore at Eleusis. In antiquity itself and in our reminiscence of antiquity, the Eleusinian Mysteries stand out because the oldest and such a lot venerable secret cult. regardless of the super approval for the Eleusinian Mysteries, their origins are unknown. simply because they're misplaced in an period with out written documents, they could merely be reconstructed with the aid of archaeology. This ebook presents a miles wanted synthesis of the archaeology of Eleusis throughout the Bronze Age and reconstructs the formation and early improvement of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The dialogue of the origins of the Eleusinian Mysteries is complemented with discussions of the theology of Demeter and an replace at the country of analysis within the archaeology of Eleusis from the Bronze Age to the tip of antiquity.

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The long wait was marked by “shouting and uncomfortable jostling,”82 before they were allowed to enter the Telesterion and take their seats. Given the numbers of the initiates (two to three thousand), this would require an interval of several hours between the ingestion of the kykeon and the beginning of the secret part of the ceremony. In turn, this would mean that 2,000 to 3,000 people stood in line for hours, gave their names to the priests at the door of the Telesterion, and then proceeded inside the Telesterion in an orderly fashion, while they were in a state of ecstasy; this is not a reasonable scenario.

According to the Meteorological Station in the Eleusis Airport, the average daily temperature varies from 9°C in January to 29°C in July and August. 15 The winds are predominantly from the north (30 percent), averaging between 2 and 4 on the Beaufort scale. LANDSCAPE AND ENVIRONMENT 3. Travlos). Athens Archaeological Society, Travlos Archives. 16 At the end of the glacial period, the climate became warmer and wetter. 23 the eleusinian limestone The Eleusinian limestone was formed during the Mesozoic, under the shallow waters containing organic carbon and fragments of now extinct marine organisms, such as rudists (bivalve mollusks from the Jurassic and Cretaceous), echinodermata, and other protozoans.

4 In 1675, Sir George Wheler (1650–1723), clergyman and avid collector of antiquities, arrived to Eleusis in the company of Dr. Jacques Spon (1647–1685). 5 About fifty years later, in 1738, Eleusis was visited by John Montague, 34 THE EXPLORATION OF ELEUSIS the Earl of Sandwich, who noted that many sculptures had been destroyed by the Turks. At that time the village had about fifty huts and the mansion of the Turkish governor of the area. 8 later travelers and the dilettanti expeditions 1765–1860 At about the same time, the first serious interest in exploring the site was expressed by the Dilettanti Society.

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