Boating - March 2011 by Randy Vance (Editor)

By Randy Vance (Editor)

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A Guide to Ship Repair Estimates in Man-hours, Second Edition

Professional send surveyor Don Butler stocks a lifetime's send fix costing event during this distinct source for exact expense estimation and making plans contains challenging to come back through details on standard send fix hard work expectancies for exact man-hour forecasting and price estimation Produced for marine engineers and marine pros to assist with fix specification and negotiation, supporting you to devise paintings and budgets extra reliably makes use of man-hours in preference to specific premiums or currencies, offering a long term version for pricing despite place, cost fluctuation or inflation Bringing jointly another way scattered information on particular fix and dry-docking actions, this necessary consultant will prevent time and increase the accuracy of your send fix estimates.

Forgotten Sacrifice: The Arctic Convoys of World War II

Опираясь на сотни историй очевидцев и ветеранов конвоев и личных исследований в российских архивах военно-морского флота в Мурманске, автор воссоздаёт историю полярных конвоев

Hitler's secret pirate fleet : the deadliest ships of World War II

They have been the deadliest ships of worldwide battle II—nine German trade raiders disguised as peaceable shipment ships, flying the flags of impartial and allied countries. actually those seriously armed warships roamed the world’s oceans at will, like twentieth-century pirates. They struck unsuspecting freighters and tankers out of the darkness of evening or from in the back of a curtain of fog and mist.

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Over the years, many changes have taken place on the North River. Most of them have been costly to the people who have depended on the river for a living. This book is about one phase of river life-the railroad ferryboat. The Northeastern railroad industry played a major role in the rise and fall of the North River dynasty. New Jersey cities such as Jersey City, Hoboken, and Weehawken were greatly affected by the railroads, as the steamboat and railroad men of the mid-1880s purchased the majority of the waterfront acreage of these cities.

Her last year of service was in 1947, the same year that Ray Baxter (co-author) started working on the Erie Railroad.  Olcott Collection survives. Gone are the Baltimore& Ohio, the Central Railroad of New Jersey, the Philadelphia & Reading, the Lehigh Valley, the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Erie Railroad, the Delaware, Lackawanna& Western, the New York, Susquehanna & Western, the New York, Ontario & Western, the West Shore Railroad, and the New York Central-and their once extensive marine operations.

Toggle Ducking Was Tricky, But a Little Fun 222 44. Hand BellsLet's Use Them 222 45. Joe Connelly and the Tugs 222 46. Moran's New Tugs 224 47. Can You Steer for a While? 224 48. Even a Cop Can Steer a Ferryboat 225 49. Decline of the Erie Ferry Service 225 50. Decline of Railroad Marine Traffic in New York Harbor 226 51. Labor Unions: Sometimes, the Smaller, the Better 226 52. Partial Roster of Erie Marine Department Deck Employees 227 Part III Up to the Present 229 1. The Staten Island Ferry 230 2.

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