Blood on the Sea. American Destroyers Lost in World War II by Robert Sinclair Parkin

By Robert Sinclair Parkin

Deutsche Marine: Kriegsschiffbau seit 1848

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The boats were wired in place. The crew could not get them loose. Besides, the ship was going too fast. It was impossible to safely lower the lifeboats. By the time the ship stopped, the lifeboats had already burned. 31 Hospital Rescue The ship ran aground at North Brother Island. By then it was almost completely destroyed by the fire. There was a hospital on the island. Nurses and patients rushed to help the survivors. They brought ladders so people could climb down from the burning ship. Parents threw their children overboard.

The ferry also carried animals and lots of charcoal. There was a storm. The wind and waves rocked the ferry. People began to panic. Some rushed to one side of the ferry. Others crowded on the top deck. The weight of all those people was too much. The deck caved in. It crashed down onto hundreds of people below. Then the ferry tipped over. There were no lifejackets. People grabbed whatever they could to help stay afloat. Some people survived by holding onto the bodies of dead cows. But most of the people drowned.

It had a crew of about 2,300 soldiers. The Bismarck fought in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. A British warship sank during that battle. The Bismarck survived the battle. But it needed some repairs. The ship headed toward France. It could be fixed there. 52 On the way, other British battleships attacked it. It took the British less than two hours to sink the Bismarck. Only 110 of her crew survived. Thresher, 1963 Thresher was deep underwater near Cape Cod, Massachusetts when something went wrong.

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