Beyond Artificial Intelligence: The Disappearing

This publication is an edited selection of chapters according to the papers awarded on the convention “Beyond AI: man made Dreams” held in Pilsen in November 2012. the purpose of the convention used to be to question deep-rooted principles of man-made intelligence and solid severe mirrored image on equipment status at its foundations.

Artificial desires epitomize our debatable quest for non-biological intelligence, and consequently the participants of this publication attempted to totally make the most this sort of controversy of their respective chapters, which ended in an interdisciplinary discussion among specialists from engineering, average sciences and humanities.

While pursuing the factitious goals, it has turn into transparent that it truly is nonetheless progressively more tough to attract a transparent divide among human and computer. And for that reason this e-book attempts to portrait such a picture of what lies past synthetic intelligence: we will see the disappearing human-machine divide, a vital phenomenon of these days technological society, the phenomenon that's usually uncritically praised, or hypocritically condemned. And so this phenomenon stumbled on its position within the subtitle of the complete quantity in addition to within the name of the bankruptcy of Kevin Warwick, one of many keynote audio system at “Beyond AI: man made Dreams”.

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Guga rapid changes in cyborg representations is explicitly shown through the Terminator film franchise where in a bit more than twenty years timeframe, cyborg has transformed from the masculine coded rough, indestructible, unstoppable, aggressive and potent body, to an uncanny amorphous liquid metal that can take on any form, to female who, in the opinion of Saddie Plant have always been cyborgs [5], and finally to a cyborg who does not question or doubt his human existence because his biological brain and heart were implanted into a newly grown and constructed body without him being conscious about it.

Russell and Norvig define AGI as a field, which looks for a universal algorithm for learning and acting in any environment [1, p. 27]. Briefly, AGI is not just about putting parts together, it aims to creation of truly universal self-learning machine. In 1966 John Good considered possible results of creating AGI and came to a conclusion that such AGI would be very probably endowed by the power of self-improving ability which could lead to a continuous chain of self-refinement steps heading to the intelligence explosion: Let an ultraintelligent machine be defined as a machine that can far surpass all the intellectual activities of any man however clever.

Romportl et al. 1007/978-3-319-09668-1_3 31 32 E. Zackova more realistic and even safer way of application and development of the AI field. As we progress further in AI, we can hear stronger and stronger voices alerting us to an existential risk for humankind rising from the development of artificial (general) intelligence (AGI) that might end up in a so-called technological singularity. The biggest advantage of IA dwells in its potential to lower such risk and even to avoid it completely. We simply have to deal with coming of an enormous intelligence explosion, and IA seems to offer a solution of this possibly dangerous epitomization of Moore’s law.

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