Baha'i Faith (World Religions) - 3rd edition by Paula Hartz

By Paula Hartz

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God does not favor one nation over another. Therefore divisions that separate nations, races, and ethnic groups are artificial barriers. They are nothing but superstition and tradition. They bring discord and hatred among people who must learn that they are one. Rather than racial and ethnic division Baha’is should be aware of the beauty of diversity. They should think of humankind as being like a beautiful garden full of flowers, trees, and shrubs. Each flower has its own beauty, perfume, and color.

Finally the ruler in Constantinople ordered that the group in Adrianople be imprisoned in the fortress at Acre. The interior of the prison in Acre (Akko) in which Baha’u’llah and his family were kept. 50 BAHA’I FAITH On August 21, 1868, soldiers rounded up Baha’u’llah and his family and followers, about 80 total, and put them on a boat to Acre. After a miserable 10 days on a stormy Mediterranean Sea they reached land and were taken to prison under heavy guard. Ironically one of those deported to Acre along with Baha’u’llah was Siyyid Muhammad, who had plotted against him.

They were an important addition to the Babi cause. PREACHing THE mEssAgE of THE BAB From the time of his conversion onward, Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri worked energetically at spreading the Babi Faith. He traveled across Persia to preach the Bab’s message. Because of his wealth and high social standing he had access to others in his social class, and he converted a significant number of people, including other members of his own family. He used his personal wealth to finance the teaching of Babism in other regions.

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