Backward Christian Soldiers by Gary North

By Gary North

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You would think that this was conventional : en’ough, but it is not conventional at all in the Christian world of the twentieth century. So ‘thoroughly secularized has Christian thinking become, that the majority of ‘Christians ih the United States still ap- ‘~ pear to believe that there is neutrality in the uni- ! verse, a kind of cultural and social ‘no “man’s ~ndn between God’ and Sa~n, and ‘that ‘the various law structures of this neutral world of discourse are all acceptable to God. ~ except one, of course: Old Testamen~ law..

Sim~ conference in” California ,a few” weeks “previously, I was told that the same neglect of the rap ture doctrine had been noticeable. All of a sudden, ‘the word had. dropped. cwt of the vocabula~ of politically oriented fundamentalist leaders. ~erhaps they still use it in ~eir pulpits back home, but on the activist circuit, you seldom hear the term. More people are talking about the sovereignty of God than about the rapture. This is extremely significant. ,. MOTIVATION How can you motivate people to get out and work for a political cause if you also tell them that they cannot be successful in their efforts?

He had created a unique set of conditions for them to work with. First, the Roman Empire had established an excellent communications and transportation systern. The Roman highways were marvels of engineering. me Roman army kept &em generally free of bandits, and the navy kept the Mediterranean free , of pirates. Trade flourished. With trade flourishing, ,people had to cowmunicate. Two languages were universal: Greek and Latin. Both were advanced languages with literature; ,,, , ,-, . 36 &&WARD, CHRiSTiANSOUIIERS?

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