B0490 Introduction to powder metallurgy by F. Thummler, R. Oberacker

By F. Thummler, R. Oberacker

Booklet by way of Thummler, F., Oberacker, R

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They are widely used for steels, copper, magnesium and aluminium alloys. Rapid solidification, in its different forms, is steadily growing in importance. The dimensions of the atomisation chamber are determined by the solidification time and the in-flight velocity of the liquid droplets. g. centrifugal atomisation and vacuum atomisation) and for gas atomisation with high speed gas streams. This problem can be reduced by deflector plates, which divert and retard the droplet flow. 18 Atomised iron powders resulting from water atomisation atomisation (c), rotational atomisation (d) 29 (a), (b), gas Particle adhesion to the plates can be inhibited by coating or by regenerating liquid films.

2 Atornisation Principal Aspects Melt atomization is the most important production method for metal powders. The process generally consists of three stages: • melting • atomisation (disintegration of the melt into droplets) • solidification and cooling. , reduction of surface oxides, degassing, size classification, etc. For each of the process stages different methods can be used, resulting in a large number of variants. 1 provides an overview of the present situation. The main classification criterion is the way in which the energy for disintegration is introduced into the melt.

17 gives an order of magnitude overview of the cooling rates achieved by the different methods. Cooling occurs by heat transfer via radiation and heat flow through the medium which is in contact with the melt. The melt volume, together with the heat flow, determines the cooling rate during solidification. Small melt volumes favour rapid cooling. Atomisation under vacuum or reduced pressure conditions results in relatively low cooling rates. For the gas and liquid atomisation methods, cooling is enhanced by convection.

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