Animal Products in Human Nutrition by Donald C. Beitz

By Donald C. Beitz

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One reads that mammalian lungs ("lights") contain a bit more protein than T-bone steak but have only 6% of the fat. " However much some readers may be amused at the notion of eating various of the foods Schwabe mentions, they should recognize that in writing "Unmention­ able Cuisine," Schwabe has a deadly serious purpose. He is concerned (1) with the world food crisis, (2) with the obligation Americans have to help solve that crisis, and (3) with the need for Americans more fully to utilize their food re­ sources, including ones of animal origin; and he is distressed with what he regards as a culinary decline in the United States starting in the 1930s, involving a signifi­ cant narrowing in the range of flesh foods utilized.

Reprinted with permission of the American Geographical Society, from Simoons (1971). 2. Ethnographical and Historical Problems 27 Fig. 3. Another possible pastoralist milking scene, Tassili-n-Ajjer (after H. Lhote, "The Search for the Tassili Frescoes, " New York, 1959). Reprinted with permission of the American Geographical Society, from Simoons (1971). 1954). A second was in Southeast and East Asia (Simoons, 1970b). A third embraced the Pacific islands and the New World. Many peoples within those areas had herd animals suitable for milking, yet did not milk them but used them only for meat and other purposes.

Univ. of California, Davis. , and Fallon, A. (1980). The psychological categorization of foods and non-foods: A preliminary taxonomy of food rejections. Appetite 1, 193-201. Sahi, T. (1974). The inheritance of selective adult-type lactose malabsorption. Scand. J. , Suppl. 9, 30, 1-73. Sahi, T. (1978). Dietary lactose and the aetiology of human small-intestinal hypolactasia. Gut 19, 1074-1086. , and Launiala, K. (1977). More evidence for the recessive inheritance of selective adult type lactose malabsorption.

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