And the Band Played On . . .: The Enthralling Account of by Christopher Ward

By Christopher Ward

The striking real tale of 1 of the band participants who famously performed because the Titanic sank, written by means of his grandson
On April 14, 1912, when the Titanic struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage and sank, 1,500 passengers and workforce misplaced their lives. because the order to desert send was once given, the orchestra took their tools on deck and persisted to play as the send went down. The violinist, 21 year-old Jock Hume, knew that his fiancée, Mary, used to be anticipating their first baby, the author's mother. A century later, Christopher Ward unearths a dramatic tale of affection, loss, and betrayal, and the catastrophic influence of Jock's loss of life on very various Scottish households. He paints a bright portrait of an age within which category decided the way people lived—and died. This extraordinary piece of historic detective paintings can also be a relocating account of the way the author's quest to benefit extra approximately his grandfather published the stunning fact a couple of family members he notion he knew, a fact that were hidden for nearly 100 years.

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Many hundreds of books have been written about the Titanic. Nearly all of them, like films of the disaster, end with the ship, its stern vertical in the water, disappearing beneath the waves. This book begins where the lives of the passengers and crew end: with the aftermath. It is a shocking story of corporate callousness and cover-ups, with powerful contemporary parallels. It is set in the context of a corrosive class system that was as ruthless in its discrimination in death as it was in life.

Jock Hume did the same with his violin, first putting a cloth over the strings to protect the polished wood, slipping the violin mute into his pocket. He kept his hand there for a few moments to warm his fingers, long enough to feel his watch and look at the time. m. The bow of the ship was completely under water now, the icy water slapping the musicians’ thighs. They moved further back towards the stern so that they could jump clear of the side. It would have been Jock’s style to volunteer to jump first, joking that it would be like a dip in the Mediterranean compared to swimming in a Scottish burn in summer.

For the next eight days and nights, kept upright and buoyant by their cork lifejackets, Hartley’s violin case still strapped firmly to his chest, they were carried forty miles from the Titanic’s last resting place by winds and currents. We will never know how, in the last minutes of their lives, numb with cold, they managed to achieve this, or how or when the other five slipped away from the rest of the band. But on 23 April the three dead bandsmen had a rendezvous with a ship as remarkable in its own way as the Titanic: the cable ship Mackay-Bennett.

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