Anapanasati - Mindfulness of Breathing by Bhikkhu Nanamoli

By Bhikkhu Nanamoli

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They look down on such ceremonies as naive, animistic, fit only for Stone Age man. ” So if the meditator does perform this ceremony of submission in order to 32 avoid friction with other people who still cling to it, let him do so — fully aware, however, that it is merely a ceremony and has nothing to do with the spirit of Buddhism, which is opposed to all irrational submission. What is really needed is a close bond of friendship between disciple and teacher which allows the teacher to use harsh language while teaching, if need be, and to demand from the disciple anything he wishes in the way of practice.

So it is worthwhile to re-assess how many rituals ought to be performed, in which situations, and by what type of people. Do not be attached to rituals and do not perform them unintelligently and super- 34 stitiously so that discerning people find it all ridiculous and the performer himself achieves nothing. Here it should be noted and borne well in mind that the destruction of superstitious clinging to rites and rituals (sãlabbatta-paràmàsa) happens to be one of the main objectives of the mental training.

1) The Lustful Character-type: This is the per- son whose mind is dominated by lust or desire. He feasts his eyes on anything beautiful and attractive. He is very strongly attached to tidiness and orderli- 62 ness. He is far too sensitive to the taste of food and very selective as regards mode and place of living. A person of this type is advised to select an environment that is untidy, dirty, and unsightly. His clothing should be of poor quality cloth and should be much patched, darned, and torn.

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