Analytic Trigonometry with Applications (11th Edition) by Raymond A. Barnett, Michael R. Ziegler, Karl E. Byleen

By Raymond A. Barnett, Michael R. Ziegler, Karl E. Byleen

The eleventh version of Analytic Trigonometry maintains to supply readers trigonometric options and purposes. virtually each idea is illustrated via an instance through an identical challenge to inspire an lively involvement within the studying procedure, and inspiration improvement proceeds from the concrete to the summary. huge bankruptcy assessment summaries, bankruptcy and cumulative evaluate workouts with solutions keyed to the corresponding textual content sections, powerful use of colour reviews and annotations, and sought after screens of significant fabric to aid grasp the topic. Analytic Trigonometry, 11e contains up-to-date purposes from a number assorted fields.

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We can find u directly using a calculator. The function key sinϪ1 or its equivalent takes us from a trigonometric sine ratio back to the corresponding acute angle in decimal degrees when the calculator is in degree mode. 3174. 3174 Perform the check on a calculator. 0367 (to the nearest 10¿) Solution First, set the calculator in degree mode. 103° = 2°10¿ To the nearest 10Ј FIGURE 4 Matched Problem 3 minute ■ Figure 4 shows the inverse function calculations in Example 3 on a TI-84 graphing calculator set in degree mode.

Orbiting Spacecraft Height A person in an orbiting spacecraft sights the horizon line on earth at an angle of depression a. ) (A) Express cos a in terms of r and h. (B) Solve the answer to part (A) for h in terms of r and a. (C) Find the height of the spacecraft h if the sighted angle of depression a = 24°14¿ and the known radius of the earth, r = 3,960 mi, is used. 0 ft Figure for 25 26. Diagonal Parking instead of 72°. Repeat Problem 25 using 68° 29. Navigation Find the radius of the circle that passes through points P, A, and B in part (a) of the figure on the next page.

0 cm 17. 3° 18. 6° 19. cot 3°45Ј 20. tan 88°25Ј 21. 9° 22. 1° 44. 3 m 23. 5° 24. 8° 25. 8° 26. 3° 27. sec 78°55Ј 28. csc 2°12Ј B In Problems 29–36, find each acute angle u to the accuracy indicated. 29. 5 (to the nearest degree) 43. 21 km 45. 8 in. 46. 30 * 106 m 47. 8 ft, c = 134 ft (angles to the nearest 10Ј) 48. 2 km (angles to the nearest 10Ј) 49. b = 132 mi, a = 108 mi 50. 1°) 32 1 RIGHT TRIANGLE RATIOS 51. The graphing calculator screen that follows shows the solution of the accompanying triangle for sides a and b.

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