Analogue Design and Simulation using OrCAD Capture and by Dennis Fitzpatrick

By Dennis Fitzpatrick

Content material:
Front Matter

, Page iii

, Page iv

, Page ix

, Pages xi-xii
Chapter 1 - Getting Started

, Pages 1-19
Chapter 2 - DC Bias aspect Analysis

, Pages 21-37
Chapter three - DC Analysis

, Pages 39-52
Chapter four - AC Analysis

, Pages 53-61
Chapter five - Parametric Sweep

, Pages 63-81
Chapter 6 - Stimulus Editor

, Pages 83-99
Chapter 7 - brief Analysis

, Pages 101-113
Chapter eight - Convergence difficulties and mistake Messages

, Pages 115-123
Chapter nine - Transformers

, Pages 125-132
Chapter 10 - Monte Carlo Analysis

, Pages 133-145
Chapter eleven - Worst Case Analysis

, Pages 147-156
Chapter 12 - functionality Analysis

, Pages 157-164
Chapter thirteen - Analog Behavioral Models

, Pages 165-171
Chapter 14 - Noise Analysis

, Pages 173-183
Chapter 15 - Temperature Analysis

, Pages 185-193
Chapter sixteen - including and growing PSpice Models

, Pages 195-216
Chapter 17 - Transmission Lines

, Pages 217-232
Chapter 18 - electronic Simulation

, Pages 233-245
Chapter 19 - combined Simulation

, Pages 247-252
Chapter 20 - developing Hierarchical Designs

, Pages 253-279
Chapter 21 - Magnetic components Editor

, Pages 281-300
Chapter 22 - try Benches

, Pages 301-314
Appendix - PSpice dimension Definitions

, Pages 315-317

, Pages 319-329

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Example text

Restore the Probe display to its original size, View > Zoom > Fit Select the trace name at the bottom of the display and press delete on the keyboard or select Trace > Delete all Traces. Now we are going to manually add the trace for the output voltage V(out). 7. 11. 11 Add Traces window showing the list of output variables and Analog Operators and Functions. 59 60 Analog Design and Simulation using OrCAD Capture and PSpice 8. The Add Traces window displays all the data for all the nodes and devices in the circuit.

1 Nested sweep for a transistor characteristic curve. 2 DC sweep simulation settings. 2 shows the simulation profile for a DC linear sweep of V1 from 0 to 10 V in steps of 1 V. NOTE You can rename the reference designator for the voltage source to anything you like as long as the first character is a V. For example, the voltage source could be named Vsupply. This also applies to other components such as resistors, especially when you want to define, for example, a load resistor, RL. 2 MARKERS Markers are used to record the voltages on nodes or currents through components and are accessed from the PSpice menu.

8. 25. 25 Nested sweep showing transistor characteristic curves. 9. Select Plot > Axis Settings > YAxis, change the Data Range to User 10. 11. 12. 13. Defined and enter a range from 0 mA to 40 mA. Click on OK and see the change. Select Plot > Axis Settings > YGrid and uncheck Automatic and set the Major Spacing to 10 m. Click on OK and see the change. Select Plot > Axis Settings > XGrid and uncheck both Major and Minor Grids to None. Click on OK and see the change. Select Plot > Axis Settings > YGrid and uncheck both Major and Minor Grids to None.

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