A Tibetan religious geography of Nepal. Tibet, Buddha, by Turrell Wylie (Translator, Editor); Bla-ma b Tsan-po

By Turrell Wylie (Translator, Editor); Bla-ma b Tsan-po (Autor)

The Nepalese element of the author's global geography, ʾdZam-gling-rGyas-bShod.
Tibetan textual content in transliteration; English translation.

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290). — 27 — to the power of the poison, the color or his neck turned blue and his body became inflamed. Unable to endure it, (Siva) plunged into a cold river in a mass of snow mountains. His reclining figure waft then set up at that place by the gods As regards this story, the image is considered to be a natural object of ordinary appearance and (besides) it is actually an image of 'Phags-pa Thugs-rje ch en-po68. If someone should ask what is the reason for this (last statement); it is because the custom of erecting (images) of Dbang-phyug (Siva) is not widespread even though there are many heretics who believe in him.

Lhasa is the capital cily of Dbus and Shigatse (Gzhis-ka-rlse) is the principal (own of Gtsang. * The Gnya'-nang region comprises the upper reaches of the Bholia Kosia river down to the border of Nepal. Elsewhere in 'Diant-gUng, Bla-ma Btsan-po refers to this area as Nya-lam nya-nang (p. 65) Gnya'-nang (= Nya-nang) is the name of the region and Nya-lam is the name of the rdiong, or administrative headquarters for tlie district officer (Rdtong-dpon). Nya-lam is marked on modem maps as Nilam or also Nyalam Dzong.

80). I’ Bla-ma Btsan-po uses the form Ha-nu-mantha (cf also 'Dsam-gling, pp. 59-60), which is usually only found in compounds, such as Hanumanlefvara. This refers to (he monkey god, Hanumal (cf. Ldvi, I, p. 330), commonly called Hanuman, who was the inde­ fatigable ally of Rdma, in (he epic RSmSyana. The old royal palace of Kathmandu was called Hanuman Dhoka; taking its name from the large image of Hanuman that guards the main gateway (Landon, I, p. 194). Jl The term dkar-chag refers to an inde* to Ihe various sites, temples, and images of religious importance in a given locality, which serves as a guide-book to pilgrims.

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