A practical course in wooden boat and ship building by Richard M Van Gaasbeek

By Richard M Van Gaasbeek

Initially released at the eve of WWI, a realistic path in wood Boat and send construction was once constructed to coach carpenters and different woodworkers within the useful elements of establishing a wood send.

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The shaft runs from the engine coupling, through the rigid stuffing box, and then to the stern bearing in the propeller strut. There are situations, though, when an external intermediate strut bearing (occasionally two of them) is unavoidable. This is not a problem; it simply represents a bit more appendage drag. SHAFT COUPLINGS AND KEYWAYS Propeller-shaft couplings are available in several styles or types: there are tapered-bore, split straight-bore, straight-bore, and more (Figure 1-14). The straight-bore couplings are easier to machine, having no taper, but they are not my first choice for propeller shafts.

This sounds rather high-tech, but it’s simple in principle. Say the unwanted noise is occurring at 2,200 revolutions per minute (rpm), and the boat has a 2:1 gear and 3-bladed props. The frequency for shaft noise would simply be 2,200 rpm ÷ 2, or 1,100 shaft rpm, which would be 1,100 cycles per minute (cpm). 33 cycles per second (cps), or hertz (Hz). Propeller tip noise would be 1,100 rpm shaft speed × 3 blades = 3,300 cpm, or 55 cps or Hz. You can see that there’s a big difference in frequency, so usually it’s fairly easy to distinguish between shaft or bearing and tip noise.

Length at propeller-shaft boss = 4 × 11/2 in. shaft diameter = 6 in. Formula 2-3c. 5 × 32 mm = 208 mm Length at propeller-shaft boss = 4 × 38 mm shaft diameter = 152 mm TABLE 2-1. YIELD STRENGTHS OF COMMON STRUT MATERIALS Alloy Yield, psi Yield, kPa Commercial bronze 37,000 Manganese bronze, SAE No. 43 65,000 Manganese bronze, SAE No. 430 (GrA) 90,000 Manganese bronze, SAE No. 430 (GrB) 110,000 Silicon bronze 55,000 Phosphor bronze 55,000 Aluminum bronze 55,000 Stainless steel 304 35,000 Stainless steel 316 42,000 Stainless steel 316L 42,000 Aluminum 5000 series 34,000 Aluminum 5000 series as welded 14,000 255,000 448,000 620,500 758,400 379,000 379,000 379,000 241,000 289,500 289,500 234,400 96,500 Discussion of Strut Alloys The longest-lasting alloys by far are silicon bronze or one of the phosphor or aluminum bronzes.

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