A History of the World in Sixteen Shipwrecks by Stewart Gordon

By Stewart Gordon

Tales of failures at sea, no matter if approximately Roman triremes, the treasure fleet of the Spanish major, or nice transatlantic ocean liners, fireplace the mind's eye as little else can. From the old sinkings of the substantial and the Lusitania to the new capsizing of a Mediterranean cruise send, the examine of shipwrecks additionally makes for a brand new and intensely diversified realizing of worldwide historical past. A historical past of the realm in 16 Shipwrecks explores the age-old, immensely dangerous, repeatedly romantic, and ongoing strategy of relocating humans and items around the seven seas.

In recounting the tales of ships and the folks who made and sailed them, from the earliest craft plying the traditional Nile to the Exxon Valdez, Stewart Gordon argues that the slow integration of quite often neighborhood and separate maritime domain names into fewer, better, and extra interdependent areas deals a distinct standpoint on global heritage. Gordon attracts a couple of provocative conclusions from his research, between them that the eu “Age of Exploration” as a unique occasion is just a delusion: over the millennia, many cultures, east and west, have explored far-flung maritime worlds, and applied sciences of shipbuilding and navigation were one of the major drivers of technology and exploration all through historical past. In a sequence of compelling narratives, A heritage of the realm in 16 Shipwrecks indicates that the improvement of associations and applied sciences that made the terrifying oceans conventional and grew to become unknown seas into well-traveled sea-lanes issues profoundly in our smooth global.

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