2D Curves by Wassenaar J.

By Wassenaar J.

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Triangle line last updated: 2002−08−16 The triangle has been studied in trigonometry by many scholars, already in the Ancient Greek times. The triangle is a simple figure, but however, many triangles can be distinguished, many of them carrying an own name. For the acute−angled triangle (or acute triangle) all angles are smaller than 90 degrees. When a triangle has an obtuse angle, it's an obtuse−angled triangle (or obtuse triangle). The triangle curve (or zigzag curve) repeats the isosceles triangle, a triangle with two equal legs.

The 'black triangle' or triangle of death is the extremely polluted borderland of Poland, Czechia with Germany • the 'iron triangle' is the area northwest of Saigon, where the Vietnam war struck heavy wounds • the 'brown triangle' is the region of Munich, Nuremberg and Berchtesgarden in Germany, bastion of the brown−clothed nazis • the 'dark triangle' was a region in Canada, where in 1997 ice−rain made collapse electricity pylons for 3 million people • 'The Triangle' is North Carolina's version of Silicon Valley • in Congo a large area of rainforest is called the Goualogo Triangle Measuring land for mapping by use of trigonometry is called triangulation.

4) Dick Nickalls describes in the Mathematical Gazette a new approach to solve the cubic. It gives new geometric insights into how and why the standard Cardan algebra works. I distinguish the following cubic curves: • circular cubic ♦ Apollonian cubic ♦ conchoid of de Sluze • cissoid • cubic spiral • divergent parabola • folium of Descartes th • Newton's diverging parabola (3 species of Newton) • oblique strophoid • resonance curve • serpentine • strophoid th • trident of Newton (66 species of Newton) • trisectrix of MacLaurin notes 1) Curves by Sir Isaac Newton in Lexicon Technicum by John Harris, published in London in 1710.

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