A Mother's Thank You

This is a thank you letter from a mother who has attended CUPS parenting classes and whose son now attends CUPS One World. Her family is new to Canada, and although both she and her husband are well-educated, they faced many struggles. Her letter was written in Spanish and has been traslated via Google translate.

Thank you to all of CUPS supporters who have helped us help this family build a life and a future in Canada.


Good day,

I would like to express my thanks for the help I have received from CUPS.  Before coming to CUPS, I was an extremely worried and anxious person. I was concerned about the education and development of my two children and I did not have anyone to turn to.

I was also extremely tired because my husband always had to work to pay debts that did not belong to us. Opportunistic people had abused our trust and left us in debt. He has worked very hard, but everything goes to paying our debts, leaving us in a critical situation. When my husband came home, he was also very tired and could not help me take care of our children. We have no family here to help or guide us. I was also a bit depressed because my husband had a job away during the winter. Because of this, I spent a lot of time at home.

Since I started coming to CUPS, God gave me a very big blessing. Regardless of my little English, I have received lots of support. All of the staff are wonderful. The parenting courses have given me lots of information and fellow parents have many of my doubts and anxieties about parenting. It was also a great break for me because during the parenting classed, my children were in the care of CUPS Child Development Centre, where they had the opportunity to have fun, learn and interact with other children. I was always very happy. I could rest easy because the staff who cared for my children treated them and myself extremely well.

Transportation was another key point for me to succeed in this program. I had tried other programs, but I was exhausted and did not have an easy mode of transportation in the winter. CUPS transportation options allowed me to attend classes that were a huge help to me. In my situation, I wouldn’t have been able to benefit from these programs if transportation help wasn’t provided.

I have been fortunate enough to enrol my child in CUPS One World Child Development Centre, where I have watched as my son becomes more confident, more social, and continues to develop his language skills. I also want to thank my CUPS family support worker who has helped me perform difficult procedures and tasks in order to care for my husband and children. As my son continues his education at One World, I remain grateful and happy for my family to be a part of CUPS programming.

God bless.

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